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Access Control in London - Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Security and user-friendly design are the watchwords when it comes to providing access control services in London. 24/7 Locksmiths offers comprehensive services that put you in charge of who gets into your property while ensuring that building occupants, employees, and customers are able to go about their business without inconvenience.

  • • All aspects of multiple-occupancy building security from system selection to emergency repairs are offered
  • • Choose from a range of mechanical and electronic door access systems
  • • We work within your budget to deliver the level of security you need

Selecting the Right Access Control Systems in London

Mechanical and traditional systems

A mechanical system for a large building could be as simple as a master key systems of the type you'll find in older hotels. Another popular option is key pads, either with a single passcode or different codes for different people. Other traditional systems include:

  • • Doorbell systems, wired or wireless
  • • Wired or wireless intercom or video entrance systems
  • • Entry phones with remote opening controls

These systems are often suited to multiple occupancy residential dwellings, such as apartment blocks where entry is being granted to communal areas. The front door of the actual flat offers another separate level of security.

Electronic access control services

Electronic systems are especially popular in commercial settings. While they're likely to be more expensive to install initially, there's a wide choice available and they're much more flexible in use. Some of the possibilities include:

  • • Swipe card systems, with time limited card activity
  • • Fingerprint or other biometric access systems
  • • Locking systems that are linked to fire detection to allow for auto release when safely requires

Electronic systems are ideal when you want to allow different levels of entry to different areas, or may need to reprogram security when employees join or leave your organization.

Trusted Experts for Your Access Technology in London

Choose our London locksmith services and be sure reference-vetted and licensed technicians will work with the details of your building's security. You'll also benefit from:

  • • All your security needs to be serviced through one reputable local company
  • • Instantly identifiable, uniformed, ID-carrying workers
  • • 24/7 emergency call out for repairs
  • • Expert consultations for planning new access control systems
  • • All work completed under insurance and backed by guarantee