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Get Skilled Help with Broken Key Removal in London

Broken Key RemovalIt's one of those tricky little jobs that's so much easier when you have the right skills and the tools. 24/7 Locksmiths's professionals carry the equipment to complete broken key removal in London quickly and, in most cases, without damage to the lock.

  • Book this service for any sort of looks and keys, including cars, front doors, and office filing cabinets
  • Get a rapid response in any emergency situation
  • Your locksmith will both remove the key and complete any immediate remedial work necessary to maintain your security

Non-Destructive Key Extraction in London

Getting the key out

When you're stood outside your front door or car looking at the two halves of your key, you certainly don't need someone who'll tell you that you shouldn't have forced the lock! What you need, and what your locksmith will deliver, is a timely arrival and no-fuss key retrieval. Your professional will work calmly and gently to extract the key from the mechanism.

What happens next

With the key retrieved, attention will turn to making sure the lock can be re-secured and that the same situation doesn't happen again. In many cases, you'll have a spare, and just need to get a replacement cut. It may be that the lock itself was sound and the key was already bent or weakened. In other cases, the lock may need lubricating.

It's also possible that you don't have spares, that you can't arrange to get more keys cut, or that the locking mechanism itself is outdated or worn so that it's likely to give you more problems in the future. In this situation, you'll have the option to arrange for a replacement barrel or lock. This can often be done there and then.

A Start-to-Finish Service for London

The first priority of 24/7 Locksmiths's professionals is always to keep you safe. Going beyond this, they're also committed to delivering the best value in any and every service. Call for key removal and you'll be assured of:

  • An immediate response to your phone call whatever time of day or night you get in touch
  • The fastest possible arrival of your locksmith
  • Prompt, no-fuss key removal
  • An assessment of the reasons why the problem occurred in the first place
  • Expert advice and action to avoid repetition of the problem