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Find Experts for Security Grilles Installation in London

Security GrillsWhen you're looking for a higher level of security than doors or windows can offer, contact 24/7 Locksmiths and find out about security grilles in London.

  • Book a consultation with a security expert who'll guide you through the choices available
  • Choose attractive, ornamental models to protect your home without making it look like a fortress
  • Install enhanced security for casings and fittings as well as opening portals

Enhanced Protection for London Homes and Business

Door and window screens and grilles

Gate grilles, diamond grilles, side-opening or full enclosure grilles are just some of the possibilities to consider. For your home, you'll want something that looks good, while providing a visible deterrent to would-be thieves. At a commercial property, you may choose to have the screen installed inside or outside of the doors or windows. When loss of light is an issue, there are models which enhance protection while still allowing sunlight to enter. You may also like to consider fixed or removable burglar bars or incorporate specialist features like ballistic or blast resistance.

With so much choice available, you'll find the advice or a well-informed expert invaluable. Book a consultation if you'd like someone to take the time to understand exactly what you need, and make sure that you get it.

Protection for door frames and casings

Sometimes you'll want to increase the security of the door frame as well as the door itself. This can be achieved using:

  • London bars - These fit over the strike place, fixing it more securely in the door frame
  • Birmingham bars - Flat bars which are used to strengthen the hinge side of the frame on inwardly opening doors.

Both Birmingham and London bars are recommended by security experts when maximum possible protection is desired.

Getting Your Security Screens in London Installed

Once you've decided what sort of screens, grilles, or other security features you need, it's simply a case of arranging a convenient time for London Lock fitters to do the work. When this happens you're assured of:

  • A clear quote of the costs involved before you give the go-ahead
  • Seven-day availability and flexible appointment scheduling
  • All work completed by DBS vetted, skill-checked individuals
  • Your fitters will arrive promptly and bring all the tools needed to complete the work
  • Both fittings and installation are covered by a full guarantee